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  • I haven't been to church before, which service is best for me?"
    As a church, we love meeting new people! Our services are structured to be easy to follow and be a part of, even if its your first time. If a service is a little too much for your first visit, you're welcome to connect via the "I have a question" form on the homepage and we can organise a connect group for you to meet up with.
  • What should I wear to church?
    Our heart is for people to feel comfortable in church, we aren't concerned about what you wear (within reason!) we're just happy to see you.
  • I'd like to help serve in the church, how can I do that?"
    Use the "I have a question" form on the home page to let us know what areas you would like to serve in. You can also chat to a member of the leadership team during our services to find a role for you in our church community.
  • Do I have to give money to the church if I attend?
    As a church, we believe in the biblical principle of tithing and we provide an opportunity for our members to do so. That said, if you are not comfortable with giving within the church, that's okay! There is no pressure to give.
  • Does your church have a kids ministry?
    We sure do. Our kids service is held once a fortnight during the Sunday morning service at Gateway.
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