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At GWYouth we're passionate about meeting our teens where they're at, helping them to navigate their lives by creating a space for them to develop quality fun friendships and to connect with God.


Our heart is to see a generation of teens with a purpose, passion and hope in Christ, cultivated through a deep personal relationship with God.

Please download and complete the consent and medical forms if your teen is attending GWYouth. GWYouth runs fortnightly, Saturday nights at 6pm. 


At Gateway Church, our Vision for Worship is one that is  passionate. Passionate worship fosters a yearning to authentically honour God with excellence and with an unusual clarity about connecting people to God. 


Passionate Worship is alive, authentic, fresh, and engaging. People are honest before God and open to God’s presence, truth, and will.

We'd love you to join one us for Worship services at 9:30AM on Sundays. 

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